About Film & TV

We provide Short Films, Feature Films, Documentaries, Animation, and Television productions for internet, streaming, networks and studios.


Here are some examples of our Film productions:


Examples of our Television productions:

Be Great! Show

(30-minute TV Series) 
  • Proof of concept Teaser Compilation

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(Promo Video)
  • 30-minute TV series on Comcast 2001-2005

Mike Bruining

(Action Director Reel)
  • Examples of Mike Bruining’s work as an director on crime, supernatural and horror television shows and film.

USS Reagan Demo

(2-hour TV Special by Mike Bruining)

Documenting every facet of life on board an active duty U.S. Navy aircraft carrier on National Geographic.

  • Field producer directing a camera crew
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Not all examples of our work are included here but we can supply additional content upon request. Some of our work is available only after signing an NDA due to client confidentiality agreements.