About Music & Audio Design

Our team has professional experience in providing high quality producing, engineering, mixing & mastering, composition, song writting, sound effects, OST’s and more.

Music Design

We have over 20 years experience in music Producing, Engineering, Composition, Mixing & Mastering


TV Audio Design

Some examples of music that our team has written, recorded and/or produced have been used in major network TV shows.


Music that our team Idlemine Music has written, recorded & produced:

TV Shows

Some examples of music that our team has written, recorded and/or produced have been used in major network TV shows:


Rock Band for ( Xbox, Playstation, and PC)


The following YouTube videos are songs that our team has produced, recorded, and has featured on the video game, Rock Band:


Audio & Music Designers

Take a listen to our resident audio & music designers.

Kevin Techmeier



Kevin Techmeier is a professional multimedia expert with over 20 years of experience as a recording engineer, video editing, writing & composing, mixing, and producing. Residing in Los Angeles, CA, Kevin started his professional recording career in 2003.

Some examples of our sound engineering & design clients by Kevin Techmeier:

Jorde Durden

Instagram: @jorde_durden Bandcamp: Tokyo Health Club  Soundcloud: Tokyo Health Club


Jorde Durden is a creator from San Fransisco, CA. He creates Music for all ranges of media and projects. With 6 years of sound design experience. His preference lies with all things 80’s and Horror, but he is always ready for new projects.

It Gets Around (single) - Tokyo Health Club

  1. It Gets Around

Static Summer 魂夏 EP - Tokyo Health Club

  1. static summer full album

Sleepless Nights Full [BeatTape] - Durdy

  1. Durdy - Sleepless Nights Full [BeatTape]

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