Paul Harris
Founder & CEO Clink I.T.
Seattle, WA

"Bryan always brings passion and completeness to every project. Working with Bryan and watching him execute while growing those around him has always been a joy. He surrounds himself with business partners, employees and colleagues who encompass greatness. His team is top notch in every way. I'm looking forward to my next project with Bryan, I know it will be a success. "

Dr. Cyndi Romine
Founder & President of Called To Rescue
Vancouver, WA

"Bryan has volunteered for Called To Rescue since 2012 serving as an International Marketing Advisor and our US Marketing Director. He has produced a variety of events to help us raise awareness, funds, and support. His expertise in marketing, event production, and project management is overwhelmingly efficient. He is extremely gifted with people skills, communication, leadership, execution and management. He has been a joy to work with as he brings humor and authentic passion to every meeting and discussion. Our family and our CTR team love him like family. "

Greg S. Reid
San Diego CA (#1 best selling author of Think and Grow Rich: Three Feet from Gold, inspirational keynote speaker and filmmaker)

“Bryan possesses a rare mix of qualities that is hard to find in such an authentic person. I enjoyed working with him, he is an exceptional person.”

Bruce Caulk
Director, Writer & Producer
Los Angeles, CA

"Bryan is very detailed and works until the task in completed no matter the hours needed. He's a fantastic net-worker and has good instincts on talent. I continue to work with Bryan and highly recommend him."

Samantha Nera
Communications & Community Relations Specialist, Connexus Energy - Andover High School & Forest Lake High School Minnesota

“This is our company’s second year in sponsoring RC at our local high schools.  We sponsored 2 schools last year and 5 this year. I have seen the presentation more than 15 times with various presenters.  I just wanted you to know that the presenter we had recently was superb. Bryan Gallinger really got to the kids and teachers. I continue to receive positive feedback about the event.  His honest and heartfelt delivery made a lasting impression with those who saw his presentation. I’m just blown away by the impact made at those two schools.”

Jessica Tissell

"Bryan can paint a vision of success that you haven't even dared to dream of. He couples that with a strategic mind that can map the steps to get there, and a level of work ethic that I don't think I've ever seen paralleled. An honest business partner and positive presence - it's truly been a gift to work with him and his team. "


Elisha Hall
Hall To Success

Integrity, Hard Working, and a Big Heart… These are the first three things that come to mind when I think of Bryan Gallinger. We initially met at a conference full of hundreds of high-level executives and business owners, and of the 5 years I have been attending this conference he is hands down the most exceptional individual I’ve met. Since then we’ve collaborated on putting together an event and other smaller projects. What really stood out was Bryan’s leadership and efficiency when managing people, organizing tasks and taking the bull by the horns all the way through to the finish line. He helped save us time, energy and money on these projects. The only thing that stands out more is his love for music! Bryan would be an asset to any team. He earns my highest recommendation!

Anna DiNicola
Toxic Kitchen

When I finally decided to start my business, my plan was to try to do everything I could myself but I had no education or experience as a business owner. Being a full-time single mom with 2 kids and very limited funds, I didn't have much choice. So, I researched online and read  "How To" books. I soon realized that starting a business isn't just about following directions or copying what someone else has done. It's so much more and I was very overwhelmed! I wasted a lot of time and money doing what I thought was right but in the end, I was continually having to redo or start over. I knew I needed help but the challenge for me was that I didn't know who to trust. 

After meeting Bryan, I could tell that he knew a lot about business and marketing so I looked him up online and found G.O.A.T. Consulting Group. Before hiring them, Bryan took a lot of time to answer my questions and to educate me on the business startup process. I was confident in my startup idea because multiple different qualified business professionals including an accredited investor who specializes in business development have told me to move forward with this concept as it has tremendous potential. 

When I asked Bryan questions, he was very polite and patient. Sometimes I didn't understand so he would provide different analogies and metaphors until it clicked. Even before I hired them, Bryan continued to advise me and he seems genuinely interested in helping people to succeed. I thought I was being smart and frugal by using services like Fiverr to hire people on a frugal budget to develop our logo and marketing graphics but they all ended up looking so cheap and not what I wanted so I finally asked him what he thought I should do. Bryan explained how important branding is for a company and especially a startup like mine that is in the skincare/cosmetics industry. I wasn't sure if I could afford GOAT's services but Bryan creatively found a way to work with my budget. Over the next few months, I continued to hire GOAT working with Bryan, Matt, Jorde and other team members. They are all very nice, extremely professional and patient to my many questions. They provided everything that they committed to and much more. Throughout the process, Bryan continued to mentor me above and beyond what I hired them to do. He started inviting me to events and introducing me to investors and other business professionals so I could learn even more about business development. Bryan and his team work with integrity, character and the utmost professionalism. They have gone out of their way to protect me and this project. 

In the end, not only has GOAT delivered excellent work but they have provided me a lot of helpful advice. It was the best decision I ever made hiring them. He has helped me tremendously with everything I needed. He's not just my Marketing Guy but he's become a friend that I can trust and the person that has helped me develop my "idea" into a real business model. We went from an idea with no name to a very professional brand, the perfect company name, marketing graphics, a website, social media platforms, a professional business plan, a presentation deck, a growing team, branded products and a detailed marketing campaign to execute our goals. 

Whenever I come across an issue the first person I call is Bryan. The help he's given goes way beyond what his job entails. When I am stressed, they make me laugh and build up my spirits. When I feel discouraged, they remind me of why I started and help me to regain confidence. I feel bad that I'm always bugging him but he hasn't complained as of yet. 

One thing I know for sure is when I finally succeeded, it was from their support and guidance that helped me get there.

Jason Ellis
Fitness Photography
Orange County, CA

"I recommend Bryan and his company's services as he is a very dependable and organized professional. Bryan stays on top of tasks, and follows through with his word. Bryan's communication is clear, concise and thorough. I would highly recommend Bryan to anyone seeking to promote and distribute there film project or work with him in any professional capacity!"

Chance Dite
Founder of Nutridentity
Anaheim, CA

"I can sum Bryan up very succinctly: diligently committed to execution. Once you work with Bryan on a project you will want to have him involved with every project that comes up. With a wide array of skills and talents, he can relate across multiple workspaces, international borders, and all personality types. He has an innate ability to immediately connect with people and clients to put them in a space to share, collaborate, and function at their top levels. A real master in marketing, branding, and business development, his ability to project manage multiple people on any size project is unmatched. I have never seen someone with a better work ethic and organized focus. Consider yourself lucky if you get to work with him on anything!"

Ed MacLaughlin
Founder, iTRUSTit Social, Inc.

I went from being a realtor for over 17 years to launching a tech startup for the first time and made every mistake in the book failing forward. Many years later, I decided to work with a consultant to leverage their business development experience and I was introduced to Bryan. He and his team at G.O.A.T. Consulting Group have been extremely helpful. 12 months later, they continue to impress and surprise me with their knowledge, humble attitudes, kindness, skills, resources, network, integrity, character and professionalism. They helped us rebrand, restructure, and reposition our company in a busy industry and supplied us with a long list of corporate materials that we didn't have for years. Bryan has introduced me to some of the best people in our area and has helped us simplify our complex model. He has also gone above and beyond their scope of work to mentor me in areas of personal and professional development. I have learned so many things about organization, planning, time management, networking, problem-solving, conflict resolution and more. When I first heard Bryan's nickname as "Business Yoda" I thought it was a cool title because I am a big Star Wars fan. Over time, I realized why he had earned that nickname and it is not just a creative title. I have witnessed him handle some situations that literally felt like a Jedi was waving his hand in dealing with some sensitive and complicated scenarios. What I have probably enjoyed the most about working with Bryan and their team is that they have mastered the art of productivity and fun. They know when to laugh, when to focus, when to grind and when to shift from friend to colleague on the dime! I am very fortunate to know Bryan both as a friend and colleague. "

Brian Dikeman
Owner, The Fixer Upper Couple

"Their attention to detail, genuine passion for our success, and professionalism far exceeded expectations from start to finish."

Dr. Lou Salibio
Boracay, Philippines

“Many people in my life look up to me because I am a doctor. Some think I have accomplished more than most do in life just because of my profession but I have always dreamed of doing much more and being much more in my life. The day I met Bryan, I never expect that I will meet someone who will inspire me so much.  He inspired me with wisdom towards different situations in life. I asked him what the dream promoter meant and boldly asked him if he had any advice for me. After many conversations of him listening to my dreams and goals, he gave me advice that will change me forever. He taught me to have a vision and then how to line my life up with that vision to make it happen and rise to a higher level. He taught me to have clear goals and to be committed to my vision. He taught me to know what I want to achieve. He taught me to make a quality decision to get the best of my life and be the best I can be.  I had big dreams but I had no idea how to achieve them but because of his name thedreampromoter, with his experience and knowledge of giving advice based on reality and wisdom I see myself running faster towards a specific direction of my vision. I use to see other people making to do lists but I always kept lists in my mind and therefore I tend to forget many things. Bryan showed me the importance of to do lists to plot my course on a piece of paper and proceed along it as quickly as possible. Some of the things he taught me I heard before or saw others doing but it never clicked. Bryan took time patiently to explain things again and again, showing me different ways until I got it. No one has ever done this before for me. He taught me to focus, to be specific and to discipline myself in all areas of life. Because of discipline and focus I realized to prioritize necessary things and discard unnecessary things that block my way towards fulfilling of my dreams. He taught me to write a plan for achieving each goal and setting deadlines for the attainment of each. I learned to humble myself towards individuals and to humble myself to God and to pray for each goal. He recommended many great books. He showed me to have a confidence in God and have faith in every situation and never give up. Something he taught me is “He that walketh with wise men shall be wise”  Proverbs 13:20. Thank you Bryan.”

Tim Hoefer
Owner Elk Ridge Campground
Seattle, WA

"Bryan is a dedicated, loyal and committed professional. He is so selfless and wants everyone around him to succeed and will do everything he can to help his fellow teammates. His commitment to excellence is second to none. "

Maryn Soref
Social Impact Filmmaker
Long Island, New York

"I met Bryan several years ago when he was recommended to me by a colleague as an Associate Producer for a feature film I was producing, due to his extensive network and relationships with high impact investors and executives. Needless to say, he successfully connected the dots and the rest is history.

After meeting Bryan and finding many shared values and interests - including the often elusive yet essential integrity and transparency in our industry, AND a love of live music. I knew it was the beginning of a very strong professional relationship and friendship.

Bryan operates with a uniquely balanced combination of heart, passion and wisdom. He innately infuses a highly ethical, positive and playful attitude to everything he does and is also one of the most reliable and capable producers I’ve ever worked with. He sees the big picture as well as the smallest details, and works efficiently and effectively with any deadline. He is always highly organized and professional, with excellent communication skills and timely responses. His decks and deliverables are always beautifully crafted and spot on, and his social media and marketing prowess is helpful to any project.

Bryan is adept at managing small and large teams, and has been my go-to conflict manager in many instances on and off set. My experience with him in any setting is that he’s at ease, calm and level headed and always finds ways to make others feel the same. His excellent relationship and conflict management skills, along with his zen attitude in the face of mounting pressures, earned him the nickname “Yoda” - a moniker that has carried on with every group and set he’s worked on. 

My experience working with Bryan's partners and team was next level. They deliver above and beyond expectations and they are super fun to be around. Their energy is contagious and I honestly learned a lot from them. I love their motto of "iron sharpens iron."

I know I can count on Bryan to show up - early - and tune in with an intuitive sense of people and situation. I trust him completely with sensitive information and topics, both personal and professional.. and he’s even become The Godfather to my pups who love and adore him.

Bryan is adored and respected by everyone because of who he is and the intrinsic positive value he brings to any professional situation. I cherish our friendship and look forward to many collaborations with Bryan in the future."

Luc Stokes
CEO of Degree 33 Surfboards and Cascade Conversion San Diego, CA

"The thing I love about Bryan is that he always operates with a big heart and pursues his passions with intentional focus and effort. Any time we've had the chance to work together on a project not only has he and his company delivered on his promises, but they delivered on time and with a product that one can be proud of. Grassroots Network did the branding for our surfboard company back in 2006. If you get the chance to work with Bryan consider yourself lucky. He is the tide that raises all ships."

Monty Smith
“Monty Smith Productions, Energetic Music Library and “Heartless” Seattle’s premier Heart tribute band.  IT and professional musician/singer/songwriter/producer. Seattle WA

"Bryan & I have worked together on a couple of music & film projects. He continues to inspire those around him by using his talents, personality and organizational skills to always do great work."

Lindsay Foster
Writer, Actress, Model, Singer
Los Angeles, CA

"It is my pleasure to recommend Bryan to anyone looking to advance and expand his or her business. Bryan has not only become a key player in my career success, but also a personal friend and mentor. Bryan’s leadership qualities and commitment to success make him an invaluable addition to anyone’s team. 

Bryan’s ambitious work ethic is indisputable. Within hours of our first meeting, Bryan quickly sent out a Google document for our project; color coordinated with to-do lists and notes, in order of importance. It was very refreshing to see that I was aligning myself with an individual who was even more organized than myself. Bryan is a natural leader. Having thoroughly studied the art of psychology and communication, Bryan has the amazing ability to captivate the room with his words. Bryan’s communication skills are unbelievable. His dialogue is clear, calculated, and confident. It is my hope that I can learn from him and speak with the grace that he does someday.

I put a lot of time and energy into my projects – acting and writing are my biggest passions in life. I find comfort in having a dependable and professional team member, like Bryan, who goes above and beyond to complete projects in order to bring our dreams to fruition. I genuinely trust and value Bryan’s opinion, and as my career continues to grow, I hope to continue to work with and learn from him. Bryan’s energetic personality, coupled with his efficiency and professionalism, would be a great asset to any individual or company."

Rod Black
Professional musician singer/songwriter “Jet Black Stare”, from Vancouver BC

“I met Bryan in 2002 when he filmed my band at The Roxy in Vancouver BC for Xtreem TV. As a friend and a biz partner I have nothing but great things to say about him. He has always been the type of person to go the extra mile for you and would put his needs aside if he thought it could help someone out. After years of wanting to, I finally got to sing on some tunes with his band IDLEMINE. I will continue to be his close friend and as well be associated through business etc. In short I wish there were more people like him in this world cuz it simply would be a nicer place to live.”

Mila Romine
Accountant & Vice President for Called To Rescue - Vancouver, WA

"I had the privilege of working with Bryan Gallinger on a couple of Fundraising event local and International, Bryan Gallinger is the best Marketing Director for Called to Rescue USA and Philippines. Bryan showed his pride and attention to detail, dedicated, efficiency, organization and time management skills, Bryan is a highly organized, goal oriented, focused, independent and hardworking perfectionist always ready to put all his energy to get the job done, he is very capable to work in a fast-paced environment. His background and experience in marketing is a great example for everyone, probably one of the best. My best/great highlight working with Bryan is when he raised the funds for Called to Rescue safehouse for young girls who is a victim for sex trafficking, that says a lot! I strong and highly recommend Bryan and would be happy and honor to work with him again."

Drew Devry
Owner & President of Freedom Fitness Seattle, WA

"I can't say enough about Bryan and his ability to pour himself into what he's working on. Not only does he put others first in his personal life he also does this in business as he strives to help those he works within so many respects. His company produces a wide variety of projects and their products always result in excellence. His professionalism and sincerity is something you just don't come across very often. He has so much passion and it really reflects in the quality of work he does. If you're reading this and you've got the opportunity to work with Bryan I highly recommend you jump on the opportunity. It will be a winning scenario for you."

Phil Greene
Senior Account Executive at Almaden San Jose, CA

"Bryan is one of those visionaries that are easy to spot, but difficult to find in a business world that is blurred with chaos. His focus, determination, and spirit brings clarity to those who he works alongside to help build a stronger network, and is always there to lend a hand, be an ear, and most of all, a mentor to help you take the next leap forward and lift up. Bryan and his company focus on positive results with innovative thought leadership that helps guide you towards accomplishing goals that you either lost focus on or never even thought existed. "

Maria Rosario
Sydney Australia

“When I first met Bryan, my first impression was that he had already lived life to the fullest at 35 years old. I didn’t think he would want to converse with a shy, soft-spoken and least exciting person like me so I was hesitant to approach him but I had heard great things about his coaching so I found courage to contact him. I was afraid that I couldn’t afford expensive coaching but I knew it would be worth it if I could change. The first thing that Bryan told me was that I needed to be 100% honest and open so he could best help me. I was embarrassed but I told him that I didn’t have much money and that I needed a lot of help. For some reason, Bryan generously helped me and didn’t charge me anything. He spent many hours and sessions counseling me and to this day I don’t know why. I learned a lot from him and he seems to genuinely enjoy helping people. I was surprised but when we met I have no idea how he does it but I felt so comfortable that I was able to share my innermost thoughts with him instantly. I can’t talk to some of my closer friends and family like this and here is this stranger getting me to open up. He listened intently without being judgemental. He sensed things about me that I couldn’t describe and he also saw good qualities in me that I didn’t yet see in myself. He was extremely truthful yet kind with his words and I couldn’t believe some of the things he knew about me within 30 minutes of meeting me. Bryan made me realize that I can be compassionate and continue being special in my own way but also showed me how to avoid letting people take advantage of me because that is one of my weaknesses. I often sacrifice too much for others. I thought my compassion was a bad quality somehow. He showed me ways to stay kind and giving but also how to strengthen myself to stop letting people walk over me. He shared things that really changed my views in life. He showed me how to be more productive with my time, how to set goals, how to manage my time, how to communicate, when to draw a line and how to find balance in my day. I asked him to show me how to be a better person and how to create a better life for myself instead of just waiting for something to happen in it. He gave me the courage to do something I had wanted to for many years but I was afraid to take the risk and go out of my comfort zone. He showed me how to use just minutes in a day but consistently how to slowly and consistently become that better person. Even after our coaching ended, he continues to believe in me. Sometimes he will check up on me and hold me accountable to some of my goals. I didn’t have money to hire Bryan for his advice and he wouldn’t have accepted it if I did and he didn’t ask for anything in return. He gave me some powerful life and relationship advice. He also suggested a list of good books that I am now reading and learning so much from. Thanks to Bryan’s advice and encouragement, I now live in another country, I am studying and working abroad which was my dream. Through all of this, Bryan helped me strengthen my faith and to utilize God as my resource for guidance and grounding. I think God works through Bryan to help people and I am sure others would say the same.”  

Todd Reising
Professional Musician and Ironworker – Salt Lake City UT

“In my 20 plus years of business partnering with Bryan Gallinger, we have been very successful. We might not always agree on everything but we always come together in compromise and come out ahead. He is always completing tasks on time and under budget, along with great people skills exposing our business in full. As a personal friend we have a great brother-like friendship. We are always having fun even if it’s in a negative environment, and keeping each other in positive state of mind. Bryan always tries to be there for you (even if it’s not possible) and is an all-around great friend.”

Kevin Techmeier
Audio Engineer, Writer, Mixer Los Angeles, CA

"Bryan has always been a pleasure to be around, converse with, reflect on, and plan ahead on upcoming projects. His genuine care for others is apparent upon the first meet. He has a drive that is hard to match, a laser focus on tasks at hand, but also the ability to hang back and be there to support someone emotionally or spiritually. All around good guy to do business with, and also a great friend. I have worked with him and his companies off and on for over 15 years. His staff are reliable, ethical, professional, and extremely nice which is hard to find in the entertainment industry. "

Edwin Mendez
Actor & Producer Los Angeles, CA

"I had the fortune of getting to know Bryan while working on a few film projects together. Right out the gate I saw how well organized he was and well spoken. He prepared me and my group of fledgling producers every day with questions, knowledge, and fresh ideas. When there was a problem to solve he was like a Yoda in that I swear he could achieve anything just with his words alone. It's like he said it and it got done. Pure bliss. He brought all of his industry knowledge to the table from his years as an entrepreneur, marketer, and business start-up maker. His spread of skills and capability mixed with a level of hard work you rarely see come together to make a well oiled machine, while still leaving enough room to make the work fun. I can only hope to work with him again as he is an asset to every venture he enterprises and can't recommend him more."

Tami Johnson
Beauty Sales, Lake Tapps WA

“I met Bryan in 1991. Over the last 20 years, he has been my neighbor, a friend to my family, a business partner and a mentor to me. Something that I have always admired about Bryan is his courage to pack up and leave to go explore new adventures or to help others. He is willing to take risk, go into the uncomfortable and put others first. He is not afraid to go through trial and error to find what is needed. His heart is one of the largest I have ever seen, his desire and passion for people and helping others is incredible. Bryan taught me to be all I can be, to never settle, to walk tall and that searching for success is ok as long as it is you that wants it. I have watched Bryan persistently pursue his goals sometimes against great odds for 20 years. Somehow he maintains a good attitude, always includes others and remains humble and so loving to others. I remember the first time I saw him perform with his band and I was impressed with his talent but I will never forget the first time I watched him speak to a young audience sharing Rachel’s Challenge and seeing hundreds of lives being changed cause he chose to do that instead of so many other options he had. He always put 100% into what he does even his friendships and relationships. Bryan works harder than most but he also works smart, this is another thing he taught me to do. I personally know of dozens of people that Bryan has helped succeed and asked nothing in return. I am proud of who Bryan is, the character and integrity he shows as a man. He is a true gentleman and knows how to make others feel incredibly special. He touches people and leaves an impression that they can’t forget, words can’t describe it but it is special. I am blessed he is such a close friend to me and to my daughters.”

Nick Giersdorf
Director & Filmmaker

 "Bryan is a long time friend and business partner. We did our first short film together titled "Small Change" with his company Grassroots Network. His enthusiasm for the creative medium and his passion for making the world a better place are a rare find. His ongoing career will be one for everyone to keep an eye on."

Will Roberts
Musician | Tacoma, WA

“I met Bryan Gallinger in 2002. I was fortunate to attend one of his social events he put on with business partners and friends. I was blessed by the ability Bryan had to create the environment for people of all backgrounds, cultures and career interest, to come together and build relationship. He has a gift in producing events whether it be a small gathering in home, a large event in public or a specific event for business. He does it in a way that those attending can enjoy life, learn something, meet other amazing and like-minded people while also moving forward in life in general. At the time I was struggling to get back on track in life and sometimes didn’t feel worthy of the association around me but Bryan went out of his way to always make myself and others feel welcome and equal. I was trying to have belief again that my dreams could happen. I know that Bryan has overcome challenges, everything from a health challenge to business partners abusing him and the ups and downs of the entertainment industry. I was empowered again to stand up, to not take my problems to serious and find away to fight through it to victory. Bryan and the group of people he surrounds himself with really helped me elevate my thinking and I developed relationships that were of positive influence. Bryan shared his vision of a Positive Hollywood, which really connected with my passions in music and media. To see someone who did not just talk the talk, but actually get up and walk the walk was amazing to me, and I needed this example around me. I saw Bryan serve others, even during health challenges. He sacrificed time, energy and finances to empower others in life. His ability to be transparent and real, connected with people, and I saw him attract and influence many. Bryan helped me enjoy life again, even as challenges came. Today, my dream is alive and well, I often wonder where I would be if he hadn’t played such a role in my life. I’m now working with youth, have my own businesses, and starting a family with balance. Bryan taught me to learn to develop financial streams to support my vision, and how to harness creativity and not be afraid to be different in my endeavors. Bryan did everything he did with a superior excellence. When you see his work, you always see quality, and when you meet him, you meet a genuine down to earth individual, who is always moving forward and has compassion for others to move forward as well. No matter what situation they come from, he doesn’t judge a person and he somehow pulls out greatness in them. I witness him elevate the skills and quality of life for dozens of people over a few year period. Bryan is first class, and I am fortunate to have met him.”

Claudiu Raymond
Actor, Producer Los Angeles, CA

"I've worked with Bryan on some film and TV projects and I can't say enough great things about him - he's an amazing human being with the highest standards in professionalism, reliability, morals and work ethics. He is very talented, creative, motivational and has proven true leadership skills. I look forward to working with him at any time again."

Darren Thomas McGuire
Founder Cover Story Entertainment & Musician Los Angeles, CA

"Working with Bryan as a business partner, I can honestly say that he is the most organized, hardworking person I know. His level of detail outpaces everyone, he is humble, and he is ever encouraging. He's a master of Google Docs. He also is highly respectful, and he is family oriented as well as charitable. He has so much experience in so many different sectors of the entertainment industry, so he's a great team member for just about any business endeavor you would want to embark on. He's both creative and business savvy, and he has much knowledge to share. I've learned so much from Bryan in my time working with him, especially in business. But he also is a great drummer, and a lot of fun to spend time with after working hours. This is a man who gives his all to so many things so wonderfully but always gives credit to others."

Chris Bloczynski
Professional web consultant “Virtue Web Services” Seattle, WA

"Over the span of nearly a decade, I have always found Bryan Gallinger to be an excellent friend and business partner. His attitude and loyalty are of the absolute highest order, and he always strives to put others before himself. Bryan works tirelessly to complete projects, often staying up late into the night to meet a deadline or complete a project. It's my pleasure to give Bryan my absolute highest personal and professional endorsement."

Johnny Harris
Chef & Designer Los Angeles, CA

"Bryan has been exceedingly helpful in building a great network of connections for me and my ideas, mentoring me in the ways of entrepreneurship, and consulting on branding for several ideas that are in the pipeline! On top of that, he has helped me hone several skills that I needed to improve upon: time and project management, goal setting/keeping, and personal branding. Thank you for all the hard work, diligence, and consistent communication (hard to find these days)! I will definitely continue to work with Bryan for years to come."